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What people have said about Luke's Recordings.

"A very good UK album, produced by Dave Hayward,
which I enjoyed and will be popular with the fans."

Sue McCarthy - Southern Country magazine.

"Best cut on the Hotdisc."
Stuart Cameron - Radio Caroline Europe

"Fantastic, 10/10"
Leo Van Camp - Radio Beval, Belgium

"Brilliant Country."
Graham Hassall - Radio Nightingale UK

"Great Voice he has, I love it."
Doc Schulze - Radio Eurohertz, Germany

"Very good song"
Mathias Andrieu - NSEO Radio, France

"Very good "
Giovanni Scazzola - Radio Gold, Italy

"A breath of fresh air to the British Country scene"
Dave Street - BBC South

"A real five star album from an artist who is a real star"
Pete Smith - Country Music Round Up


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'Luke' Guy Reed - Country Singer / Songwriter



 Having so much enjoyed Luke Guy Reed’s previous album, I was really looking 
forward to this new one, and it was worth the wait. Most of these tracks are 
written or co-written by Luke, with Graham Walker, and two other writers also 
being credited.  Of these my picks are “If It Feels Good”, “One More Bar” 
(which in my mind I could hear the late, great Waylon Jennings singing) and  
the waltz, “Waiting For Dawn”.  My other favourite track is “Smokey Mountain 
Rain” written by Kyle Fleming and Dennis Morgan, which has been beautifully 
interpreted by Luke.  The backings are lovely, and responsible for these are 
Dave Hayward, steel guitar, programming, Keith Shillcock, bass, Wilbur Cartwright, 
drums, percussion, Graham Walker, lead and rhythm guitar, Bob Winquist, fiddle, 
Jon Millar, piano, keyboards, J.C. Grimshaw, mandolin-mouth harp, Luke himself 
rhythm guitar and harmony vocals, whilst back up vocals are provided by Liza 
Marshall, Gilla Antara and John Millar.  A very good UK album, produced by Dave 
Hayward, which I enjoyed and will be popular with the fans. 

Sue McCarthy Southern Country mag

“Luke is one of the hard working members of the British  country music scene .
His Waylon Jennings-esque style has won him a lot of fans but he is much more 
than someone who sounds similar to Old Hoss!  He writes some incredibly good 
lyrics and this is his finest work to date”..  
Stuart Cameron CMR Radio / Country Hotdisc International

On listening to the album 'No Hat' (Solent Records) I am absolutely knocked out 
by the guy. What a voice Guy has! So warm, so expressive and so country. I found 
an enticing hint of Ed Bruce in Luke's delivery particularly in the ballads 
'Realize Her Dreams' Waiting For Dawn' and Everybody's Different'. The up-tempo 
numbers are destined to become favourites with dancers and listeners alike, just 
check out 'I Ain't Got No Hat' 'One More Bar' 'Wild Card' and 'Banjo Picker'. 
A real five star album from an artist who is a real star!

Pete Smith  Country Music Round Up  May 2003

Just a quick note to let you know the CD arrived this week. It is
exceptionally good, & I'll be making use of it on my country show here
at BBC Radio Lincolnshire, from next Sundays show onwards.

Veronica Capaldi

I first came across the name "Luke The Drifter" a couple or so years ago when 
he began to get bookings on the "South of Watford" Country Music festival 
circuit. I first heard him on the Country Music Hotdisc last year with his 
tribute to Waylon Jennings "Wild Ones". I saw Luke live at this years Southern 
Country Radio Awards. He had a full band and certainly impressed.

Luke's success saw him dropping the Drifter tag in favour of his own name Luke 
Guy Reed and getting a deal with Solent Records distributed by Nova/Pinnacle and 
set for general relase on 16th June 2003. Featuring 10 self penned tracks and a 
couple of quality covers, the aim is to get British Country Music fans behind 
this album with the hope of getting it in the British Country Album Charts. I 
will unreservedly endorse that because this is a first class album that will 
stand proud with anything on offer these days and that includes the greater 
majority of the American offerings.

Luke has a deep baritone voice that is not unlike Ol' Waylon without the spit 
in your eye attitude that Waylon developed over many years. That's not to say 
that Luke is watered down in any way. In fact he has plenty to offer both vocally 
and with his interesting songwriting skills.

The two covers "Barroom Star" and "Smokey Mountain Rain" get good readings from 
Luke but it's his own, across the board songs that stand out on "No Hat". Show 
stoppers are "I Ain't Got No Hat", "One More Bar", "Wild Card", "As Good For Me 
As You", "Waiting For Dawn", and "Everybody's Different". I even enjoyed the 
humour of "Banjo Picker" with its Bluegrass meets Opry feel with a slice of Bob 
Wills added for fun.

This is a very strong CD that deserves every success, which can be achieved with 
your support for home grown British Country Music and its very collectable talent.

Brian Ahern, Cross Country Magazine June 2003

Thanks for the album, I played the track "Whisky To Wine" on my show "Trust 
Country" on Trust AM Thursday May 29th. It's a great album, it's a credit to 
you and all of the team who have helped to create it, if other members of the 
British country music scene produced  albums of this quality then we would have 
a much more healthy British scene

John Morris, Pride FM / Trust FM

A brilliant new album from this very talented singer/songwriter who wrote ten of 
the twelve tracks.

The album has a well chosen programme of material, all put over with strong 
powerful, heartfelt singing from Luke supported by great harmonies and terrific 
music. These excellent track are my favourites: If It Feels Good and As Good For 
Me As You (a beautiful offering) followed closely by One More Bar and Smokey 
Mountain Rain. I rate as very good Barroom Star, I Ain't Got No Hat and Banjo 

This is an extremely good album which must be a top release, I thoroughly 
recommend it, a joy and pleasure to listen to. Its a worthy contender for the 
Radio Awards, you have my full support All tracks mentioned will be aired.

Grahm Hassall, Radio Nightingale, Rotherham
Thank you for the copy of Luke Guy Reed's current album - No Hat.  There is not 
a poor track on it, and I was particularly impressed with tracks 1,3,4,6,9,10 
and 11.  My favourite bring track 3, which was being played while on the way to 
purchase my Fiancée's engagement ring!  

I will be playing the afore mentioned tracks on my radio show and will pass the
album on to the head of Broadcasting for a wider audience, but not until I have
CDR'd it for my car!!

Thanks, Colin Thorpe, Radio Link, Derby

Just to let you know that I have received this really excellent album.  I am 
also pleased to confirm that on last Sunday's (1/6/03) Cowboys & Angels 4pm-6pm 
(repeated Wednesday 7pm-9pm) I played two tracks from Luke's album.  The tracks
where as follows:- I Ain't Got No Hat, Everybody's Different. 
I also plan on playing "Barroom Star" on this Sunday's show, working my way 
through all the tracks on the album over the next few weeks.

"No Hat" is a refreshing album from start to finish with some great lyrics and I 
would recommend this album to any country music fan.  I would also like to wish 
Luke every success with the album and with his future career.

Sheena Guy
Head Of Music/Country DJ Lochbroom FM

DAMN GOOD ALBUM LUKE. Now and again a Brit artist appears on the scene like a 
smack in the face, it happened with Adam Couldwell, Amanda Normansell, Micheal 
English, Glenn Mitchell and now this guy, Very Waylon sound--David Alan get him 
up there in your album section immediately. Don't anyone believe me just listen 
for yourself. This guy sounds GOOD.

Kim reealcountryfan@aol.com

Received the release yesterday. Like his vocals.  Very nice and laid back.  
This is just the sort of cool country that appears to be very lacking in British 
music. Just because we're not stuck out in some out of the way Deep South throwback 
of a town, it does not mean that we cannot feel the soul of real country.
The Yanks have had it all their own way for too long.  Luke Guy Read is putting 
that imbalance right.  Keep up the good work.
Alan, Radio Phoenix, West Glamorgan

This is an uncompromisingly traditional set, there's no doubt about that, and 
the range of styles brought into play on the 12 tracks here, 10 of which are 
Reed originals, and the level of musicianship, are impressive indeed. The thing 
that establishes itself immediately as the strongest element here is the deep, 
authoritative voice, which Isle of Wight or no, sounds as though it comes 
straight from the heart of Texas.

From the glittering steel licks on the opening of Barroom Star with it's imagery 
of rural toil and boozy repose, through the genial, jazzy, tub-thumping of fiddle 
laced I Ain't Got No Hat, to the breathless bluegrass workout of the aptly named 
Banjo Picker, Reed takes us on a whistle stop tour of country styles...

Traditional Country isn't usually my bag but No Hat stands out as a solidly 
written and well performed collection of songs, delivered by an artist who 
possesses honest, authentic, vocals, by turns deep and forceful but also capable 
of sweet sensitivity. So Yes it is time a Brit made it to the UK Country Albums 
Chart and 'Luke' just may be the artist to do it.

Jeremy Issac, Maverick Magazine, June 2003

The album is great and I will feature tracks at Music Choice.
I have just got back from Nashville  and been catching up with tracks etc.

Lee Williams, Music Choice, UK

UK singer/songwriter Luke Guy Reed hails from the Isle of Wight but it's 
obvious from this release that he wishes he'd been raised in Texas - particularly 
with Waylon Jennings as a next door neighbour. And it's that fixation with Waylon 
that works to the detriment of No Hat, there's that same earthy vibrato, same low 
register vocals, same distinctive phrasing that made Jennings so unique. In 
Reed's case it makes him as original as a contender on Stars In Their Eyes.

Which is a shame as Reed has a good feel and his 10 self-credited songs show him 
to be an engaging songwriter, albeit in a very 1970's Waylonesque way. Indeed the 
ballads Realise Her Dreams and As Good For Me As You sound as if they were 
actually written for the great man two decades ago.

Ignoring the Hoss factor - nigh impossible - this is a well written album and 
Reed gets sensible support from the musicians who include producer Dave Hayward 
on steel, Bob Winquist on fiddle and Graham Walker on guitar and banjo, although 
the production could have done with a little more beef. I particularly liked the 
up-tempo, Statler Brothers styled, Banjo Picker, but Reed's cover of Ronnie 
Milsap's Smokey Mountain Rain was a risk too far.  It'll be interesting to see 
if Luke Guy Reed can emerge as his own man at some future date. In the meantime 
I'll stick with my Waylon Jennings CDs

Craig Baguley, Country Music People Magazine

No Hat is a TOUR-DE-FORCE and straight down the middle solid country to boot.
All but two songs are penned by Luke and although his vocal style is heavily 
influenced by Waylon Jennings there's enough originallity to make it interesting,
and the production by Dave Hayward is spot on.

It's the sort of album any stone country fan would certainly enjoy, but how to get
the message to them - and more importantly get them to part with their cash?
Radio airplay must come first and to have any impact that has to include national
terrestial radio, not just one play but repeated exposure.

David Allen, Country Music People Magazine July 2003

Isle of Wight based "Luke" Guy Reed is one of the more compelling artists in 
British country music. One of the reasons for this is that he's not making the 
common mistake of pretending to be a stone country boy from Tennessee. He may have 
grown up listening to Hank, Merle and Waylon and travelled extensively throughout 
the USA, but as he says in the opening track, I Ain't Got No Hat, he's "Not going 
to fake it, it's all been done before". So whilst No Hat has a very 1970s country 
feel, with all its steel guitar licks and Reed's Waylon-influenced baritone, 
there are plenty of individual touches, like the heart-lifting gospel of If It 
Feels Good.

Other highlights include the cheery Whisky To Wine and Wild Card, which sprints 
along delivering neat word play at every turn; "just like a good book you can't 
put her down…" Reed has a great set of backing musicians behind him, with 
honourable mentions going to producer Dave Hayward (steel), Bob Winquist (fiddle) 
and Graham Walker, whose top notch playing is put in the spotlight on Banjo 
Picker. Here, as in so many places on the album, emphasis is also placed on the 
backing vocals in an interesting and intelligent way.

Such is the professional sound of No Hat that it has already received accolades 
in British country music circles. 

Sue Keogh BBC Country Website- July 2003 

Luke has a style similar to Ols Waylon Jennings but the album features no less 
than ten self penned songs linked to the country style of singing about life, 
love and bar rooms.

I have found the album enjoyable listening with my favourite tracks being his 
recent EMS chart hit I Ain't Got No Hat abd Banjo Picker. It is an album that 
certainly deserves a listen to, I wonder if your local station will be playing 
the songs? Let's hope Luke can get the support he deserves.

Tom Robinson Country Music Round Up July 2003/ Kingstown Radio

Luke's latest work NO HAT  contains 12 tracks ten of them self penned. Luke's 
unique voice is country, its interesting and pleasing on the ear, but will 
also appeal to a wider audience. His songs on love and life  are written from 
personal experiences. Its difficult to select numbers for special mention for 
everything from his opening track were gems.

Enid Thompson, Country Music Round Up July 2003

The CD No Hat sports an insert with the big lad's good looking face and warm 
smile plus a biog that shows his pedigree and the list of session musos. Dave 
Hayward on steel I know already, Graham Walker on lead. rhtythm and banjo and 
a whole posse of others that make this CD something else.

Luke himself is one you can listen to over and over. Sue McCarthy in Southern 
Country Magazine gives high praise to this mostly self penned recording and 
I fully agree. A real 'Country' voice. The title track I Ain't Got Not hat 
is a sparkling swinging format in tongue in cheek, chuckling style. Smokey 
Mountain Rain is another gem, Whiskey To Wine, If It Feels Good, Bar Room 
Star and that brilliant Banjo Picker all tell me that here's someone special 
who's just liable to blow the dust off country 
music as well as blowing your mind.

Ernie Sears  Country Music Round Up August 2003

Received a CD from a very talented man by the name of 'Luke' Guy Reed. Having 
listened to it several times all I can say is go out there and buy a copy. I 
truely believe this guy is going to be B-I-G

John Ward  Country Music Round Up  August 2003

I first heard  Luke when I was going  through a bad time in my personal life. 
One Sunday after noon I heard him on the John Hannam show, he was singing "As 
Good For Me As You"  The moment I heard this song my  depression was lifted. 
I felt I needed to stop what I was doing and just listen to Luke's music. 
Since that day his sound, which is constantly on my CD player, has inspired 
me into a new frame of mind and has given me a new perspective in my life, a 
good example of how music can give you a feel good factor. Music helps me 
through my day and Luke's songs are a must for any music lover in my opinon. 
Recognition must surely come his way. I wish you every success with this 
great collection of songs.


Back in January 1999 on the very first Country Hot Disc there was a singer 
called “The Renegade” singing “One More Bar“. It was his first release in 
the UK and introduced him to the larger European audiences when the single 
entered the Euro Charts, as have all his singles since. (He has now dropped 
“The Renegade” title).That song and his next 2 singles “If It Feels Good” 
and “Whiskey To Wine” have now been re-recorded for this 12 track CD which 
runs 45 minutes approx. Luke sings 10 of his own songs, and co- writes 5 of
 them with Graham Walker, who also plays rhythm & lead guitars and banjo. 
The other 2 songs are covers of Smokey Mountain Rain and Barroom Star both 
given his distinctive treatment. His vocal resemblance to the Late Waylon 
Jennings is quite remarkable and had Waylon been a bigger star outside 
Country here in the UK I could see Luke winning “Stars In Their Eyes” easily.
 The voice has a lovely resonance and distinctive quality, his diction is 
clear and defined and soon his name will be associated with this voice 
exclusively. As a songwriter his songs have real meaning, and cover many 
of life situations, be it love, lost love, romance or Honky Tonk music 
and all its associates. The album was produced by steel guitarist Dave 
Hayward who once again does on outstanding job. The other musicians 
include Keith Shilcock on bass, Wilbur Cartwright drums and 
percussion, Bob Winquist on fiddle, Jon Millar on piano-keyboards and 
J.C. Grimshaw on mouth harp & mandolin. The musicianship is outstanding 
as is the whole CD and it is certainly one of the best releases I’ve 
listened to this year. His latest single on the Hot Disc and EMS Chart , 
"I Ain`t got no hat" is the title track

Gerry Ford, Country Music and Dance

Radiant, here’s a new UK country-name to watch. New to me and not yet 
found on a major brand, here’s a quality singer- songwriter on a healthy 
set of mainly self-composed originals with ‘true-blue-country’ backing a 
la UK country-styles. Luke could prove to be a country-tunesmith of superior 
vintage. Clearly, he’s one that is quickly learning his trade. Produced for 
honky-tonk easy-listening, the enterprising, well packaged project boasts 
many colourful themes. One guesses he carries a good supply of this CD 
to boost on road sales. Don’t let this gem slip by. It is a super project 
that kicks off well and finishes well and on the way covers ‘down-to-earth’ 

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